SurrealDev Future Plans

Hello Surreal Dev Followers and Gretio users,

This will be a more informal post than is usual.

Due to my (Justin) expertise in Android, Reverse Engineering, and software development in general I ended up taking a regular old job as a Reverse Engineer with Trellix (previously known as McAfee) in 2022. I now lead a team of some of the greatest cybersecurity experts in the world.

With that… My focuses have shifted. I no longer provide professional services through Surreal Development (nor have I for the past 2 years). I have removed all references of that from this website (I apologize to those who has reached out the past 2 years on this).

Surreal Development will be repurposed to focus entirely on Software Development, Revere Engineering, and of course providing support for apps like Gretio (think like a sort of tech blog). So expect some nice content soon.

For Gretio: Unfortunately due to the chaos of life and leading a team it has been a struggle to develop Gretio further. Global B is will underway, and I have a new test vehicle in the Fleet. A 2023 Colorado. This vehicle will pave the way for all future Global B / VIP arch vehicles, including EVs. I am also hoping to add some other manufacturers in the coming years (my eyes are set on Rivian).

And! It’s already reversed and working in Gretio (sort of).

The problem is more in the logistics

  • I need more testing to handle things like power states, DTCs, and some other edge cases to make sure it’s a viable product.
  • I need more data to create Controls, PIDs, etc… I currently have all the data needed for the 2023 Colorado but I am missing key other vehicles like the L5P Silverado.
  • More testing to handle unknown edge cases I don’t even know about. I.e. I am currently only handling certain modules.

In other words: Lots and lots of time consuming testing. Probably over a thousand hours worth before Gretio Global B would be ready for production.

In other words, lots of hours sitting like this.

It will get done! That is the plan :).

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