Privacy Policy

Surreal Development General Privacy Policy

Nov 4, 2021

1. Introduction

Thanks for using Surreal Developments Products. We need to clear a few things about the information we collect while you are using our services. These services consist of Surreal Development’s websites, software applications i.e mobile apps, and web services. “You” is considered the end user of the application.

2. What We Collect

Account Information. If required the service may need to store account information or use an. external service in which account information is required. This information can take the form of an email address, password, API Key or token, and general meta info such as preferences. If required, this information may include personal information such as names, addresses, or billing information.

Actions and Usage Data with Online Services. When you interact with an online service the service may record your activities with that service. This information can consist of simple usage statistics, ip addresses, device information, and general parameters. This data may be collected directly by the service or from using a third party service such as Google Analytics. This data may be related to your account information, or it may be anonymous.

Location Data. If given explicit permission, the service may record your location data such as from your mobile device. Location data may also be inferred from information such as an ip address.

General Personal Data. If given explicit permission, the service may record general data and statistics about you. This information can consist of Vehicle Information and Statistics, location data history, and other personal data which the service may be able to collect.

Advertising Data. Surreal Development may work with third party advertisers. Surreal Development will not link your data with these third party advertisers. The third party advertisers will receive simple identifying information such as your IP Address and device information. The advertiser may use this information in conjunction with other systems such as cookies to give you personalized adverts. Surreal Development does not receive any specific details about the advertisements being displayed.

3. Why We Collect

Surreal Development uses the data it collects for a variety of reasons.

* Maintain and improve the service.

* Send you notices and newsletters.

* Monitor usage of services.

* Personalize the service and advertisements.

4. Withdrawl, Rectification, and Erasure

Users of our services have the right to withdraw their consents, rectify/edit/view the data we have on record, and request the erasure of any personal data stored by Surreal Development. These rights will be suspended if Surreal Development is required to keep the information for legal purposes.

5. Data Storage and Information Requests

Most data can be managed by you. It is your responsibility to manage your own data including but not limited to complying with regional laws. Surreal Development is not liable for misuse or illegal use of user uploaded data, and you assumes any civil liability or criminal punishment which may arise from your uploaded content.

You may collect data on behalf of another (such as vehicle VINs). In these cases, you must collect data according to your local jurisdiction’s laws. This includes responding to any formal GDPR or CCPA request where applicable. Surreal Development may forward these requests to you if they are sent to us in error.

If you have lost access to your data, use the appropriate account recovery procedures by Apple or Google before making a request to Surreal Development LLC. Surreal Development cannot manage access to third part authentication services.

For other data issues: requests for copies of information Surreal Development LLC has about your accounts –including GDPR and CCPA requests — can be submitted here.

6. Revisions

This policy may be changed at any time. You will be notified of this change as the revision date at the top of this document will be changed to represent the new revision.