Other Products

Surreal Development has been around for awhile now and has a few older products.

BiScan for GM

BiScan is a simple application that was Surreal Development’s gateway into automotive scan tool products. It is a cost effective solution to perform service features, such as a service regeneration, on a selection of GM vehicles. BiScan only costs roughly $50 for a setup while an equivalent tool could cost thousands.

Biscan is available on Google Play.

EFI Live LUZ Cax

An open source project made to bring efi live to the under appreciated diesel Cruze. See more about it here.

Surreal Delta Tuner

An application made for programming pretty much any GM module. It works by separating a tuner’s changes, called the ‘.delta’ file, and the base OEM tune, the ‘.base’ file. This allows easy separation of ownership to satisfy intellectual property laws. Only at the last possible minute are the two files combined to create the working calibration.

Due to EPA regulations and potential abuse, access to this program is heavily regulated.