Gretio Subscription Alternative

Gretio has added RPO Packs. These are alternatives to subscriptions which are one time purchases which last a lifetime. They are based on determining the engine of the vehicle. So an “LML” RPO package would unlock Gretio for all vehicles with an “LML” engine.

The RPO Packs are extremely good value for users who only work on 1 vehicle or plan on keeping their current vehicle for a long time. They are also suitable for users who dislike subscriptions.

Not all vehicles will have a corresponding package. For those vehicles you must use the standard All Access Subscription. If the RPO Pack is not working for a vehicle please contact us immediately so we can fix it.

Currently the RPO Packs can only be purchased on Android with the Google Play Store (they are coming soon to iOS and Amazon). RPO Packs start at $29.95.

To purchase an RPO Pack:

  1. It is HIGHLY recommended you connect to the vehicle and purchase the pack while connected.
  2. Once connected, navigate to the “Subscriptions and More” menu.
  3. The RPO pack which matches the vehicle will be highlighted Orange.
    If no pack is highlighted then no packs correspond to the currently connected vehicle. If you think this is an error, please do not buy the pack and contact us.
  4. Purchase the pack highlighted in orange by tapping “Buy”.  Follow the on screen payment system.
  5. Once the purchase processes, you will have access to vehicles matching any engine RPO within the pack.

RPO Packs work exactly like having an All Access subscription as long as you remain connected to the vehicle. If you connect to a vehicle which you do not have the RPO pack for, then you will be prompted to purchase a subscription.

If you are browsing Gretio while not connected you may encounter a subscription warning. We are working on fixing this so users can browse more freely.

If you have an active all access subscription, RPO packs are ignored. RPO packs will not unlock anything extra compared to a standard subscription. If you are moving from a subscription to an RPO Pack make sure to cancel your current subscription (Link for Google Play). The RPO pack will take over after your subscription expires.

EVs do not contain a engine RPO so there is currently no RPO pack for any EV vehicles. A different system will be developed for EVs in the future. Hybrid vehicles will be based on the ICE engine’s RPO code.

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