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Gretio Common Questions and Answers

What device do I need?

Checkout Which OBD2 Device to buy? – Surreal Development

Why wont my OBD2 device connect?

Make sure you don’t have another device connected. iPhones and iPads really like to hog the device. Then make sure your vehicle is supported

Many connection issues can be solved by unplugging the OBD2 device and plugging it back in.

Why is my subscription gone?!

As of 1.04 your subscription needs to be attached to Gretio’s account. Normally this process happens naturally.

On iOS: When prompted simply tap ‘restore purchases’.

On Android navigate to the “More” menu -> ”Subscriptions and More” -> tap “Restore purchases”.

When you restore purchases your subscription will transfer to your current account. Previous accounts will lose access.

The above only applies to iOS or Google subscriptions. Promotional offers cannot be transferred. You must use the same account.

What phone/tablet do I need?

We use Samsung Galaxies as a baseline. Any modern flagship brand will do just fine. Avoid Xiamoi device.

For iOS any device which runs iOS 14.5 or newer will work fine.

What is “Default” in controls?

Many controls will set some value i.e. EGR to 50%. Default simply means you are returning control back to the ECM. This is not the same as “Off” which is an explicit command to turn something off.

How does Gretio relate to OEM tools, SnapOn tools ,etc?

It doesn’t. Gretio was made from ground up with little to no help. While we try to keep naming convention the same as OEM, it’s not always easy. As such the name of PIDs and controls may differ from what your service manual lists.

Can I run more than one control at a time?

Sometimes yes. It depends on the control.

In Gretio many commands are considered ‘sticky’ meaning Gretio internally combined commands to create a combination of commands. This is useful for lighting.

What PIDs should I monitor?

This is a question we get a lot. And with Gretio having over 5,000 PIDs it can be really intimidating to someone only used to classic apps which may have 50 PIDs on a good day.

You should only monitor what you need to know. Don’t monitor things just for the sake of monitoring things.

For performance applications we recommend a baseline:

  • MAF
  • Engine Speed
  • Exhaust Temps (Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor, Catalyst Temperature, etc…)
  • IMAP (Intake Manifold Absolute Pressure)
  • Turbo Vane Position (if VGT equipped)
  • Accelerator Pedal Position
  • Vehicle Speed Sensor
  • Transmission Slip Speed (TCC Slip Speed)

For other applications (i.e. doing a service regen) you should monitor anything related there.. I.e. exhaust temps, regen status, inhibit reasons, etc…

I don’t have any PIDs or get “Request Timed Out” or “Data Cache Missing” errors

There are a couple possibilities for this error

* You are not connected to the internet. While Gretio works 100% fine online it needs to download some content first.


* Safetynet restrictions are blocking your attempts SafetyNet Checker – Apps on Google Play

Android “Link and Pair New Device” is not working

Sometimes the menu takes it’s time to show up (it’s a system menu). Be patient with it.
Optionally you can “Link Existing Device” which uses the paired devices found in Bluetooth settings of your device.

Why can’t I clear DTCs?

This is likely intended by the OEM. Clearing DTCs is generally not required nor recommend in vehicles newer than 2010 (approx).

Why does my OBDLINK keep blinking after I disconnect?

This won’t affect battery life as long as the blue led is blinking.

Gretio tries its best to clean up after itself but this doesn’t always happen (such as if the app is forced closes). As such the adapter remains in its previous state.

The blinking LEDs are from periodic messages on the vehicles can bus. These messages control things like your speedometer, cranking, and power states. The messages will continue until the vehicle enters low power mode.

I have read everything and the app is still not working.

  1. Step 1 is to restart your phone or tablet. Sadly mobile phones are filled with Bluetooth bugs which a restart may fix.
  2. Unplug your OBD2 adapter, and plug it back in.
  3. Lookup how to “Clear Cache” for your device. Then do so for the Gretio App.
  4. If Clear Cache does not work then try clearing all app data.

When in doubt, use the contact form found on this site.


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