Gretio Support Vehicles

Gretio – General Motors Supported Vehicles

The vehicles below are capable of interfacing with Gretio.

Note new Global B Architecture vehicles are not supported at this time. It is currently under development.

Most 2023+ GM Vehicles are Global B.

Many 2022 Vehicles are Global B such as the 1500 Silverado (not HD), and most Cadillacs.

Some 2020 and 2021 Cadillacs use Global B.

All GM MDI 2 Compatible Vehicles

Other Vehicles

Select non-MDI 2 vehicles are also supported (these are vehicles that use a Tech 2, but still work fine)

  • 2013 Chevorlet Silverado
  • 2012 Chevorlet Silverado
  • 2011 Chevorlet Silverado
  • 2013 GMC Sierra
  • 2012 GMC Sierra
  • 2011 GMC Sierra
  • Other 2011-2013 commercial LML equipped vehicles

Other Tech 2 Vehicles are not supported. Gretio may interface with these vehicles, but no support will be provided for any issues.

Other OBD2 Vehicles

Not supported.

Gretio is an OEM level tool and only supports OEM level diagnostic protocols. It is incapable of reading “Generic OBD2” protocols. As such it can only work with vehicles it is designed for.

While a “OBD2 Protocol” could be added to Gretio, it would perform poorly. Gretio is optimized for Unified Diagnostic Services (UDS). Most OEMs do not use a pure implementation of UDS, so every make has to be implemented individually.

For “Generic OBD2” protocols you can use the standard “Obdlink” app found on iOS or Android. Their app is designed to work with standard OBD2 and works perfectly fine for those applications.