BiScan Account Migration

    Follow these steps to migrate a BiScan purchase to a Gretio account.

    Purchases Before January 1st, 2022, will receive a lifetime Gretio All Access Subscription
    Purchases Between January 1st, 2022 and January 1st 2023 will receive a 1 year Gretio All Access Subscription

    1. Download Gretio and sign in via Apple or Google.

    Use the link below to download Gretio.

    Gretio Downloads

    Once downloaded, sign in.
    For Android: Navigate to the more menu, scroll down and tap "Sign In". Use either a google or apple account.
    For iOS: The sign in is presented when you open the application.

    After you have signed in, you may close the application.

    If you skip the above step, then we will be unable to find your account.

    2. Fill in your information.

    Important: If you Sign in with Apple and use the “Hide My Email” feature you must supply your private email. You can find this in your iCloud settings. Click here for more information.

    3. Find your BiScan Transaction ID.

    Click here to login to google payments

    Find the BiScan purchase you made. Click or tap on this. Find the "Transaction ID" field. The ID will start with “GPA”

    4. Submit this form and wait for confirmation. Once your purchase has transferred you may need to tap “Restore Purchases” in Gretio, or log out and back into the application.