Research Privacy Notice

How do I opt in or out?

You may choose to opt in or out in the settings menu in the app. The entry will be labeled as “Opt in to research data collection”.

Who can participate?

Any user of Gretio who has accepted the terms of service, privacy policy, and this agreement. This agreement applies specifically to data collected for research and does not dictate other data collected (see Privacy Policy)

When is data collected?

Data will periodically be analyzed. If certain conditions are present (ie a speed) then data is sent to a central server using your data connection. Otherwise the data is discarded.

Gretio will try to record data during steady states. This means while cruising or at idle. Gretio will avoid recording during speed changes so as to avoid recording your driving style which could be considered private information.

What is collected?

Generally speaking as long as the data cannot be used to identify the specific vehicle, person, or precise location then it may be recorded. This includes Engine speed, vehicle speed, emissions sensors, mass air flow, engine runtime, regeneration status, soot mass, accelerator pedal positions, engine load, and engine fueling.

Every vehicle is different, and Gretio adapts on a vehicle by vehicle basis. Thus the exact data collected will vary vehicle by vehicle.

How much data?

Data is compressed using the same format as Gretio’s built in recording system. Several minutes of data consumes a couple of megabytes. The exact size depends on data rate and the specifics of the vehicle.

How is data identified?

Data is identified by model year, vehicle type, and engine type. Such as “2012, Light Truck, LML” or “2017, Incomplete L5P” or “2014,  Passenger Car, LUZ”. All data is time stamped. This information is from your VIN. Body type, sequence number, restraint data, assembly location, and other VIN information will not be collected.

Some engines are only found i

Data is uploaded anonymously. Other information such as your Gretio account ID is removed. IP addresses, location, phone numbers, emails are also not recorded.

May I participate if my vehicle is tuned and/or deleted?

Yes. The sensors will just report normal values or a default value.

This study is over multiple countries with different laws. In addition some vehicles are exempt from emissions requirements. We are not able to establish what is legal or not using this data nor are we even in a position to do so. In addition, no identifying information is  stored so it’s impossible for any enforcement action to utilize this data.

Can I remove my data?

No. The data contains no identifying information after it is uploaded. Nor can this information be recovered. Thus, it’s impossible to even define what data is yours.

How is the data used?

At this time the data doesn’t have a strict use. The primary goal is to establish a baseline for OEM emission performance as well as aid in identifying abnormal behavior. It’s possible the data will be summarized and published.

Who can access the data?

Specific employees of Surreal Development and other partnering researchers can access raw data. If data is publicly published it will only be a summarized composite form.

Can this agreement change?

No. If the agreement changes you will default back to “opt out” until you opt in again.

The rules for data collection (I.e. when and what data is collected) may change over time.